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Casual floral Baltimore, Maryland Maternity Inspiration

Learning you’re expecting the best gift, the gift of life, is an exciting moment full of a variety of emotions. It’s even more emotional when the mom-to-be returns to her Jacksonville, Maryland childhood home to celebrate. The sun cascading through her bedroom windows adorned with white lace lined curtains lit up her peach colored walls and highlighted the knobs of her old brass bed. China dolls sat adjacent from her rocking chair at the foot of her bed and thus this was the perfect, most nostalgic location to celebrate the birth of her child.

Meet Amy. The beautiful, casual and heart-warming mother to be.

Floral crown mother to be
In her room, we watched as her little bundle of joy bounced around her belly, responding to her voice and gentle rubs. Adorned with a floral crown and fresh stems, Amy beamed with excitement and joy. She was glowing and looked stunning in her white gown, a gown that was last worn on her honeymoon with her husband Paul… and now laid against their growing baby, a product of their love.

Natural light floral mother to be

rocking chair mother

Glowing mother floral crown

baby bump inspiration

natural light floral crown baby bump

nostalgic baby bump maternity inspiration

While reminiscing of her childhood memories and learning about the stories the walls of this room held, we were graced with the presence of Paul and their little boy, and soon to be big brother, Ian. Convincing Paul to join in the photos was a bit of a task, but big brother Ian jumped right in showing his little brother baby bump all the love in the world. Cannot wait to see how wonderful he is going to be as a big brother! This family is so special and growing by another 2 tiny feet will only expand how amazing and wonderful they are.

happy big brother baby bumpbaby kisses big brother maternity inspiration

expecting couple baby bump inspiration

parents to be nostalgic maternity inspiration

maternity family inspiration

daddy-to-be mommy-to-be baby bumpgrowing family baby bump inspiration


The family has since welcomed two tiny feet to the family. Little baby is doing well. Visit here for sneak peeks of their bundle of joy. You’ll be meeting their sweet baby on the blog soon! Congratulations Amy & Paul!





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