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Rising Tide: Friday Introductions!

Hi, Hi, Hi!! Welcome to the new blog! It’s so great to have you and welcome.

So let me preface this blog today with some info for you. The group The Rising Tide Society, is a group of amazing creatives who work together and promote one another, thriving on “Community over Competition”, and it’s AWESOME! On some Fridays, they host what are known as Introduction Fridays, and I figured… new blog, new website, new branding… why not meet the girl behind it all? Right?View More:!! I am Lauren. (aka Lauren Noel, Missy Noel, Laur, Laur laur, Mommy, Mama, Wifey) I am a born and raised Maryland girl who loves the shore, and all things beach. This past year, I joined the 30 club… but in reality I am just 29 +tax.

Thirty totally makes a girl realize who she is and all the wonders that life offers. Seriously, you think your twenties are the, just wait! It’s a new sense of freedom and youth. It’s crazy! But I will never turn my back on my twenties because the foundation for my life was build during those years. Want a summary? I got engaged at the right ole’ ripe age of 20, on Thanksgiving (but we’ll save that story for another day). I tied the knot with the man who stole my heart at the age of 22, and less than a year later found out on St. Patty’s Day 2009 that we were expecting (total luck of the Irish and I’m not even Irish. Don’t let the red hair fool ya!) I gave birth to a blonde haired, blue eyed, baby doll nine months later, at the age of 23. When I turned 26, my hubby, baby girl and I became entrepreneurs and opened an auto repair shop. Then came 27, and I learned that I was pregnant with No.2. and at age 28 welcomed our sweet youngest girl to the family. Whew!! That was a marathon…for sure. The best marathon ever! 

I have always had a liking, LOVE for photos, photography, cameras. They pretty much have never left my side. Ask anyone who knows me. I was in charge of the senior photo slide show in high school, made photo collages since middle school and have been either in front or behind a camera since I could walk. I guess it’s built into my genes, somehow. It’s my passion. It’s my calling. I love capturing moments and looking back on memories. It’s priceless! I’ll save my ‘Why’ for another day. I can’t give you all the good juicy stuff in the first blog post, duh.

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Besides photography (and the shore) my passions are my family (love them so much)…

2016-03-17_0004God, friends, small acts of kindness, and channeling my creative side. I love trying new projects and shocking myself when I accomplish new tasks. I am a lover of little things, all things chocolate, baby giggles, having fun and life in general. I am so excited to have you here and with me on all the new upcoming adventures! So welcome, enjoy, have fun and stick around!! Xoxo

Love Always & Best Wishes,



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